Visiting Fellowship: BBS, Budapest

Visiting Fellowship in 2018: Budapest Business School

May 2018

I took up a Visiting Senior Research Fellow post at the Budapest Business School in 2018, to work with Dr Gábor Király, Dr Zsuzsanna Géring and Fanni Barsony who are integral to the Future of Higher Education Research Centre. Throughout this fellowship I lead a seminar on research design and methodology in social science research, and run another workshop on English language academic writing for colleagues at BBS.

Further, I talked about students’ experiences of the research and teaching nexus based on my current post-doctoral research co-organised by the Centre for International Higher Education Studies at Corvinus University of Budapest and BBS. The details of this latter conference are available here in English and in Hungarian. We are are also working on a joint publication bringing together several strands of our work.

CEU library

Just as we closed the first stage of our joint work, it was announced that we will have a chance to continue in a longer term format, as the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund application by a large team headed by Gábor been successful. This project looks at the Future of Business Education - a small little topic, hm? (announcement link in Hungarian)

I took the photo in this post in the CEU library, which is probably the most incredible study spaces I ever had the chance to use.