Talks & Presentations

Symposium presentation (Magyarul / In Hungarian)

I recorded this Hungarian language talk for the Angelusz Robert Szakkollegium, a Hungarian student organisation I was involved in throughout my university years. 

At their 15 year conference jointly with Marton Gero, Endre Demeter and Gergely Horzsa we decided to talk about our research into extracurricular activities more generally, and these types of Hungarian student organisations more specifically. 

Here I talk about my work at the University of Sheffield, based on the following paper: 

HORDÓSY, R & CLARK, T. 2018. Beyond the Compulsory: a Critical Exploration of the Experiences of Extracurricular Activity and Employability in a Northern Red Brick University. Research in Post-Compulsory Education.

Invited talks and Seminars

iPoster Interactive presentation 

We prepared this iPoster interactive presentation with narration for AERA 2020. It looks at the research and teaching nexus paper from the 'Sheffield Student 2013' longitudinal tracking project. 

CLARK, T. & HORDÓSY, R. 2019. Undergraduate experiences of the research / teaching nexus across the whole student lifecycle. Teaching in Higher Education, 24(3), 412–427. 

doi: 10.1080/13562517.2018.1544123

Conference Papers

Conference talk (Magyarul / In Hungarian)

At this Hungarian language talk at the 2020 conference of MTA TK entitled 'Sociology at the Dawn of a Successful Century?' I presented the first results of my NRF project, focusing on how students see sociology, and themselves in the discipline.