My teaching is research informed and led, using examples of designing and conducting social inquiry from my own practice to illustrate the opportunities and challenges of the process. I have substantial experience in teaching social science research methods, as well as the application of analytical tools such as SPSS and NVivo.

Research Design and Methods

This programme was run as a distance learning module for the Angelusz Róbert Szakkollégium and it was co-produced with Dr Réka Plugor throughout 2017 / 2018. This dedicated Google Site has detailed lists of resources.

Introduction to NVivo

I run workshops for Masters students at the University of Sheffield as an introduction to this qualitative data analysis software. This dedicated Google Site has a link to a Prezi and a detailed step-by-step manual to NVivo.

Design & Methods in Educational Research

I used this Prezi to introduce educational research to students on an interdisciplinary module at the University of Sheffield.

Research Design: the basics, tips And ideas

Throughout my visiting fellowship at the Budapest Business School I used this Prezi to introduce academic colleagues and visiting international students to the concept of research design.